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Our mission is to source and supply ethical and carbon neutral teas and coffees to the retail, trade and wholesale sector of the food and drinks industry to help reduce our planets carbon neutral footprint. 


We work directly with the farmers that grow and process the base ingredients for our drinks and by working directly with them, we have full transparency that both the land and workers are thriving. It also ensures that we secure the best harvests each season. 

We take great pride in developing a thriving relationship with our customers and advocate fostering long term relationships, working together to build the perfect hot beverage menu. 


No customer is too big or too small. We will happily work with mobile bars, independent teashops, gastro pubs as well as Michelin starred restaurants and grand hotels. 


Our goal is to make your tea and coffee service as stress free and delicious as possible


Personalised Choices

We can create bespoke menus that suit your needs from a single cafe to a chain of hotels, throughout the day and different venues. 

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Coffee Machine Packages

We offer a full range of traditional machine setups including our "magical machines". Full installation, training and support is offered to make sure you are serving the very best!


Provenance Security

We can provide a full provenance for each of our beverages, we know the fields and the farmers. We do not rely on middlemen. 

Filtered Coffee

Training & Development

We can offer on-going training and development, including staff appraisals and secret shopping. 

Toasting Drinks

Full Support

We offer all our clients full comprehensive support, from conception to execution - including equipment, accessories, service and storage. 

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Food Pairing

We are happy to work with your team, chefs and sommeliers to develop tasting menus together for the kitchen and bar. 


Carbon Neutral Footprint
We ensure that all our high grade teas and coffees are 100% sustainable, ethical, eco-friendly and carbon neutral. 

Our coffee is Eco-Roasted
Our green coffee beans are exclusively 100% sustainable, Eco-Roasted, at our Roastery just outside of Shaftesbury, using the very latest innovative carbon neutral technology. 

Support our Suppliers

We support the estates where our base ingredients for our teas and coffees are sourced from and ensure they are 100% sustainable. 



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