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by 918 Coffee Co.

You may not have realised it, but by purchasing our coffee you've started a chain reaction that will alter the course of the future for the better....

Let us show you how your purchase has
changed so many lives:



Magical Machines
Image by Ana Neves

Did you know that we also supply
coffee machines that plant trees? 


In addition to supporting Ecologi ourselves, we also offer the chance for our customers to support them directly too.

One of the ways we do this is to supply refurbished pre-loved coffee machines to trade customers that automatically plant trees every month for them!

So now you can even help the environment by buying fresh made coffees from our amazing trade customers with these magical machines!

We plant a new tree every week the machine is on rental through our partners at Ecologi and so over time, each trade customer helps to populate our Life Changing Coffee forest!


CNDC Logo 2022 PNG.png
CNDC Logo 2022 PNG.png
CNDC Logo 2022 PNG.png
CNDC Logo 2022 PNG.png
CNDC Logo 2022 PNG.png


“The multi award winning team behind Carbon Neutral Drinks Co want to make sure that you can enjoy this wonderful beverage without it having left a negative impact on the planet anywhere along its journey to you.

From fairly traded and sustainably grown coffees at its origins, ethical traders who support growing communities onto environmentally conscious coffee roasters, packing in planet friendly packaging through to financially supporting a cleaner and healthier future for all.

Every care has been taken to ensure we provide our loyal customers the most ethical, responsible and delicious coffee products available”

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 Have you tried our new Coffee Brew Bags? 

 10 Bag Retail Packs 

To make these awesome products possible we
would like to give special thanks to:

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Unsurprisingly the highest scoring certified B Corporation Coffee roaster on the planet today, 918 Coffee truly set the pace when it comes to a more sustainable coffee future. Their passion for great coffee and the environment is contagious and is central to everything about their multi award winning business.

A world first and truly circular economy model, zero waste roasting
technology that allows us to create amazing coffees whilst reducing
the amount of coffee waste going to landfill. 


The wonderful team at Ecologi, for all the hard work they do bringing together all the amazing projects they support across the world to ensure we replenish our forests, reduce our current emissions, design and build responsibly for the future. Their efforts to raise awareness of all these areas is key to a cleaner future for all. You can see the impact we're making through these donations HERE

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Carbon Neutral Drinks are proud supporters of Project Waterfall, a charity bringing clean water to coffee-growing communities, supported by you, the enjoyers of this fine coffee. Enjoy it knowing that you have contributed to a more sustainable coffee future in regions of the world that didn't even have access to clean water before this project.


None of the above would be possible without YOU, our amazing customers. It's your diligence and passion for great coffee that has led you here to buy this product. So we would like to thank you on behalf of the whole supply chain.

Now it's time to enjoy your coffee, knowing you have contributed to a brighter future for so many and help us spread the word to as many people as you can,
so we can all increase our positive impact.

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