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Eco Roast Coffee - Deliciously responsible
Zero Waste Roasting technology by
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About Eco Roast

Founded in 2009, 918 Coffee Company, a multi-award winning roastery, embarked on a journey to reduce its environmental impact. The company's commitment to sustainability was ignited as they opened their third coffee shop, faced with the growing volume of coffee waste. This challenge spurred them to develop Eco Roast, a groundbreaking technology that harnesses the power of used coffee grounds to produce the thermal energy for roasting fresh coffee.

The first Eco Roast prototype was created in 2013, and since then has evolved significantly, earning global recognition for its innovative approach to circular economy practices. Today, Eco Roast stands as a leading brand synonymous with sustainability and best practices in the coffee industry.

This dedication to environmental responsibility has propelled 918 Coffee Company to become the highest-scoring B Corp coffee roastery on the planet, showcasing their commitment to ethical and sustainable coffee roasting. Look for the Eco Roast trademark, a symbol of excellence in ethical coffee production, uniquely owned and operated by 918 Coffee Co Ltd.



400 Billion cups are globally consumed a year

500,000 tonnes of coffee waste goes each year to landfill in just the UK alone

1,800,000 tonnes of Carbon Emissions are released


55 Cups

55 cups of coffee, when repurposed, provide the fuel for 1 kilogram of Eco Roast, reducing waste and creating sustainable energy.

Saving 17.5p in its' waste disposal cost


The Eco Roast Process - Step 1

Step 1 of the Eco Roast Process - fresh coffee

The process begins with consumers savoring a delightful cup of coffee at a coffee establishment. Simultaneously, the establishment gathers spent coffee grounds in designated containers provided by its supplier. These containers are reclaimed during the subsequent delivery of fresh coffee.


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