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We have answered the most frequently asked questions in the list below. If your question is not on here then please get in touch with customer service who will be able to help.

What type of coffee beans do you sell?

We sell a range of coffee blends and single origin coffee from around the world.  All of our coffee is available either in whole bean or ground and can be ordered in 250g bags of 1kg bags.

Do you offer any subscription services for coffee bean delivery?

Yes, we have a weekly or monthly subscription services for a range of our coffee.  The option for subscriptions can be selected on each product listing. There is a 10% discount on monthly subscriptions and 20% discount on weekly subscriptions.

What makes your coffee carbon neutral?

We have the world’s only eco roast technology. Developed in 2013, the technology was produced to harness the power of used coffee grounds to produce themal energy required to roast fresh coffee. We also work with Ecologi, pledging funds to help Ecologi’s tree planting campaign.  Find out more about our charity work here: Funding a Carbon Neutral Future | Carbon Neutral Drinks | United Kingdom

How should I store the coffee beans to maintain freshness?

Once opened, coffee beans should be stored in an air tight container at room temperature. If you have purchased whole bean, store the beans and try to only grind what you need.

Do you sell decaffeinated coffee beans?

Yes, our decaf coffee is a dark roast arabica coffee with tasting notes of Brown sugar, Almond and Dried Fruit. It is available here: Decaffeinated - Dark Roast | CarbonNeutralDrinks

What is the shipping cost and delivery time for orders?

More information on our shipping cost and delivery times can be found here: POLICIES | CarbonNeutralDrinks

What is your return or refund policy for coffee beans?

More information about returning an item can be found in our returns policy here: POLICIES | CarbonNeutralDrinks

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