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Ethiopia Single Origin Coffee

Estate: Various Sidamo Estates

Varieties: Heirloom Varietals

Grade: G5

Processing: Natural Process


Tasting Notes of Floral, Exotic Spices and Wine


Single Origin Coffee:

Discover the exceptional taste of Ethiopian coffee from the renowned Sidamo estates. This exquisite brew offers a symphony of flavors, with delicate floral notes, a hint of exotic spices, and a tantalizing wine-like finish. Each sip transports you to the lush highlands of Ethiopia, where the perfect combination of altitude, climate, and rich soil nurtures the finest coffee beans.


This ethiopian coffee blend is one of our specially selected single origin coffees, selected for its unique regional characteristics and fine flavours. These coffees work best through slow brew methods, so we recommend using a V60, Chemex or filter brew coffee machine where possible.


Don't forget that by purchasing this product you are helping us to raise funds for a Carbon Neutral Future through our friends at Ecologi - See how here


Optimum brewing equipment is available from our extras page should you need them - click here


Ethiopian Coffee Beans

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