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Carbon Neutral Drinks

Principles Coffee Blend

Principles Coffee Blend


available in 250g, 500g, 1kg bags

Nespresso compatible capsules now available here.  


Our Principles Coffee Blend is created with a subtle acidity, full bodied with strong savoury aromas, accompanied with notes of Cranberry and Sloe, a moderate taste with a hint of hibiscus. Medium cloudy finish.   


Our blend has been roasted to a medium roast profile and as a world exclusive, these Arabica Varietal coffee beans have been on a carbon neutral journey and gently ECO-roasted before reaching you for a smooth and authentic coffee experience.   


The coffee in this double  bean blend are from a range of different producers based in the Huehuetenango Region of Guatemala, and the Minas Gerais Region in Brazil. 


This blend is made up of 50% Rainforest Alliance coffees, which helps to ensure the natural habitats of these countries is not compromised by the continued growth of coffee.   


The Carbon Neutral Drinks Company brings you a quintessentially high-grade ethical drinks selection that has a positive impact on the environment using closed loop technology and a passion for great taste for a more sustainable future. 



Filter Ground or Whole Bean

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