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English Breakfast - Pyramid Bags

English Breakfast - Pyramid Bags


Our full bodied, popular English Breakfast Pyramid Bag Tea's contains 2nd flush leaves from the Indian mountains of Assam and a February harvested Kenyan tea from Kiambu. You can expect a strong, deep malty taste, with floral notes, producing a bright and coppery cup of boring tea. 

We use broken leaves in our English Breakfast Pyramid Bag tea for the simple reason that it provides a stronger cup of tea than whole leaves. 


DID YOU KNOW Our biodegradable pyramid bags are plant based and free from plastic, which means they are completely compostable. 


We recommend boiling the kettle to 100 degrees celsius, placing the pyramid bag in a cup and brewing for 3-5 minutes. Depending on how strong you want your tea, either leave it in for a shorter or longer time. 

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