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Carbon Neutral Drinks

Colombian Decaffeinated Coffee

Colombian Decaffeinated Coffee


available in 250g, 500g and 1kg bags

Nespresso compatible capsules now also available here. 

Made with beans from the Hula and Tolima regions of Colombia, our decaffeinated Colombian Mountain Water coffee blend is a beautifully balanced coffee with low acidity, medium body with full flavours of Biscuit and Peanut complimented with Cedar and Barley notes to finish. 


ROAST: This blend has been roasted to a medium-dark roast profile and as a world exclusive, these Arabica Varietal coffee beans have been on a carbon neutral journey and gently ECO-roasted before reaching you for a smooth and authentic coffee experience. 


PROVENANCE: The coffee in this double bean blend are from a range of different producers based in the Hula and Tolima regions of Colombia and is decaffeinated using Mountain Water Process, which negates the need to use harmful chemicals and also ensures that all the original flavours are preserved to give a smooth, well bodied coffee without the caffeine. This Colombian bean started off as a high quality coffee and remained that way through the decaffeinating process. Our decaffeinated coffee is 100% ethical and chemical free ensuring that all the original flavours are preserved to give a smooth, well bodied coffee. 


The Carbon Neutral Drinks Company brings you a quintessentially high-grade ethical drinks selection that has a positive impact on the environment using closed loop technology and a passion for great taste for a more sustainable future. 


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