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Tis the season....

We LOVE this magical time of year, with snow and frost under foot, festive decorations all around, red noses, warm drinks and festive cheer - even makes some of the hardship of '22 disappear!

We hope you are wrapped up warm and keeping busy in this cold weather we are having, we wanted to write to you all to wrap up this year and to wish you a Merry Christmas and to see you all in the New Year BUT we have way more exciting things to talk to you about....

After a tough couple of years which has had us all wondering “when will it ever end”, we have been working harder than ever to ensure next year is a great year for Carbon Neutral Drinks and all its customers. After a long hiatus in activity thanks to COVID-19 and the tidal wave of uncertainty that it brought with it, we now have some seriously exciting news we want to share with you all.


We now have a;

NEW LOOK - We have sharpened up the look and feel of the brand, a new version of the logo and a crisper and cleaner layout for each product and image. Altogether a more sleek look and feel - we hope you agree.

NEW WEBSITE - has never looked so good - with easier functionality, clearer products and better optimised to seek out those poor folk who haven't tried our products yet!

NEW RANGE OF PRODUCTS - We have evolved our range of Teas, increased our range of Coffees and introduced our range of chocolate products too. You will love them all - each product having been carefully considered and produced with our loyal consumers satisfaction at the heart of each decision.

NEW PARTNERSHIP - Our core ethos has never deviated from the start, our ambition has and always will be to produce products that our customers love that naturally create a positive impact on our environment wherever possible to do so. So to this end we have engaged with Ecologi who are a powerhouse when it comes to Carbon Avoidance and Reforestation projects - so it was a natural fit for us to work together and for us to be able to support their projects.

NEW ENERGY - The whole team are super excited to be relaunching in January and there is a buzz around the new brand and the new products too. So with this super exciting time, comes all the energy that a new launch needs! Never was there a better time to be stocking these products!

NEW YEAR - With 2022 being spent behind the scenes preparing the new products, we are ready for the launch, so its very fitting that the clocks roll over a new year at the same time. We like things when they fit neatly here at CNDC and so 2023 will be the year that CNDC went out into the wide world!

Combine all of these elements and you arrive at the start of the next leg of our journey! We now have an AMAZING looking new range of products that we cant wait to share with you all.

A sneak peak!

Our aim is that by the end of January '23, you will be able to see our new products out and about in the real world! We have prototype versions being trialled and tasted and reviewed at the moment, we are currently offering our prototype products for sale online through the new website too - the contents are the finished products but the packaging and labels are trial until the finished product lands in January. We just couldn't wait any longer!

We now need the loyal support of our stockists and online customers to buy and enjoy the products we have been working SO HARD to get finalised. We therefore welcome any enquiries for the NEW YEAR now and look forward to getting out to see you all in the new year ready to start filling shelves with delicious Carbon Neutral Drinks products.

Our website now features a stockists page (albeit empty at the moment), this will be for the purpose of championing all the amazing stockists of our products. It is our intention to put as many new names on that page as possible as quickly as possible. If you know an outlet that you think would be a great fit, please get in touch. We want the country to try our amazing products and that is best done through suppliers that synergise with our ethos and love of great tasting products. In addition to adding their details to our site, we will also be helping them to offset their Carbon Footprint by making additional donations through at partners at Ecologi to help our joint cause.

Next year will also see Carbon Neutral Drinks introducing more trade services to our audience and customers alike, we are expecting to be out and about more in 2023 showcasing our fabulous products. If you want to know more about these as they are planned, please don’t forget to subscribe online to our newsletters, where you will be kept up to date throughout the year.

Now all that remains for me to do now is to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy & Prosperous New Year from myself and all the team at Carbon Neutral Drinks Co and we can't wait to see you all in 2023!

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